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Ste. Anne Co-op

Ste. Anne Co-op

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365 PTH 12 N
Steinbach, MB

We are one of the top ten co-operatives in Manitoba with over 22,000 members and 12 locations in the Southeastern region of Manitoba. Our operating efficiency and the incredible support of our members has allowed us pay a cash dividend almost yearly. As a member of Federated Co-ops we have the purchasing power of over one million members behind us, allowing us to remain competitive in this era of "big-box" and "big-business" retailing.

We still operate the way we did when we were founded, with our member's interests and the interests of the communities we operate in as the measure by which we judge our success; we think w've been very successful.

  • Head Office
    Head Office
    365 PTH 12 N, Steinbach | Ph: 204-346-2667
  • Stone Creek Convenience
    Stone Creek Convenience
    111 PTH 12 N, Steinbach | Ph: 204-326-7594
  • Brandt Street
    Brandt Street, Steinbach
    110 Brandt Street, Steinbach | Ph: 204-326-9918
  • East End
    East End Co-op
    944 Main Street, Steinbach | Ph: 204-326-3473
  • Grunthal Gas Bar
    383 Main Street, Grunthal | Ph: 204-434-6900
  • Ile Des Chenes
    Ile Des Chenes
    510 Main Street, Ile Des Chenes | Ph: 204-878-2260
  • Landmark
    236 Main Street, Landmark | Ph: 204-355-4309
  • Ste. Anne
    Ste. Anne
    113 Dawson Road, Ste. Anne | Ph: 204-422-4055
  • Ste. Anne Gas Bar
    Ste. Anne Gas Bar
    18 Dawson Road, Ste. Anne | Ph: 204-422-4055
  • Mitchell
    24 Centre Street, Mitchell | Ph: 204-346-0680
  • Lorette
    11B Laramee Drive, Lorette | Ph: 204-878-9196
  • Vita
    102 1st Street West, Vita | Ph: 204-425-3997
  • Hadashville Cardlock
    Hadashville Cardlock
    Corner of PTH 11 & 14, Hadashville
  • South Junction
    South Junction
    Public Road South, South Junction | Ph: 204-437-2643

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