Life at Speed

2016 – Let’s See What Happens!

  • David Richert, Author
  • Professional Race Car Driver, Richert Racing

Even though the snow is still flying in Manitoba, the 2016 race season is now already upon us. In fact, at Richert Racing preparation for our 2016 season began the moment that the checkered flag fell on the 2015 season.

The last few months at Richert Racing have actually been the busiest to date as we’ve been going flat out to secure the resources we need to compete at a high level again this year. There are some really exciting opportunities ahead of us and we hope to be able to announce some of those soon.

What I can say is that at this moment as I am typing, I am currently on an airplane heading back to Europe as preparations continue in advance of the official start to the racing calendar.

In life, there are many defining moments were one could head in a few different directions. It’s up to each person to decide which way they want to go and what they want to get out of it. I can honestly say that here at Richert Racing we have approached one of those moments. It’s a moment where you have a plan laid out before you and each decision is extremely calculated…but there is still a massive risk involved that could lead to either once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or enormous difficulties.

At this point, February 2016, we are “All-In” when it comes to our plans for this race season. I apologize for the vagueness of this blog post however the next few weeks will determine the result of all our efforts. The airplane I am flying on will arrive into Brussels, Belgium, shortly and from there, I’m on to Milan, Italy.

It may all sound exotic and exciting, but no matter where you are in the world, when everything is on the line and you’re descending into the unknown, you can chose to either embrace the discomfort of that feeling, or choose to run from it. At Richert Racing, we have chosen to put everything on the line and are ready to embrace the discomfort with the hope that memorable moments await us on the other side.