Life at Speed

New and Exciting Initiative for 2017

  • David Richert, Author
  • Professional Race Car Driver, Richert Racing

Last year was absolutely amazing. Being able to live one of my biggest dreams of driving a race car through the streets of Monte Carlo at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix weekend is something I will never forget. The memories will be cherished but the drug of racing is something that doesn’t lessen after such an event, in fact, it becomes even greater and one’s desire to experience something like it again continues to grow.

My biggest aim for 2017 is to continue building the business side of Richert Racing so we can take another huge leap forward as we move toward 2018. But 2017 is still here and things are shaping up nicely to take on a new and extremely unique challenge for this race season.

Together with S.A.R. in Steinbach, we are set to launch the world’s first ever Slingshot Racing Cup featuring Polaris’ 3-wheeled Slingshot vehicle. The Slingshot Racing Cup will featuring 5 events at Gimli Motorsport Park this summer and will give people who have little to no experience the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Slingshot and enjoy the sport of motor racing in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

I am looking forward to working with all of our participants throughout the season and it will not only be a great time to introduce others to the sport I love, but also for me to get behind the wheel and race a little myself.

We have had a great initial response and there are already 7 Slingshot entries confirmed to race so it’s a very pleasant surprise as it’s rare to start a new racing class with these kind of numbers.

If you have any interest to check things out and perhaps join us with some racing this summer, check out for more details.

It’s going to be a lot of fun spending some more time close to home here in southern Manitoba and hopefully I will get a chance to interact with many of you at the track this summer.