Watershed Moments

Lieutenant Governor Attends SRRCD Annual Meeting

  • Jake Hiebert, Blog Coordinator
  • Chairman, Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District
SRRCD Annual Meeting

The Seine-Rat Rive Conservation District (SRRCD) had the distinct pleasure of hosting Her Honour the Honourable Janice C. Filmon, C.M., O.M. Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba at this year’s annual general meeting.

Her Honour addressed those in attendance and presented service awards to district members, as well as the Conservation District Builder Award and Conservation District Award to outstanding community members.

Her Honour also thanked the SRRCD and its volunteer members for their important work and remarked on the successful accomplishments made towards sustainable land and water resource management in the district.

“Our water depends on organizations like the Seine-Rat River Conservation District and leaders in conversation like those being honoured tonight,” said Her Honour. “These volunteers and role models have worked to keep nutrients out of waterways, reduce erosion, protect groundwater, improve water storage and plan water management and protection across southeastern Manitoba. They realize that water connects everything – living and non-living, human and animal, the past, present and future. To all those who work to protect and enhance the rivers and creeks that run through our province, I offer thanks and congratulations on your accomplishments here in the Seine-Rat River Conservation District.”

The SRRCD recognizes the following people for their contributions to sustainable best management practices on their farms, in our region, and for the health of our watershed.

Conservation District Builder Award:

  • Art Bergmann

Conservation District Award:

  • Stephan & Quinn Schubert

15 Year Service Award:

  • Cornie Goertzen

10 Year Service Awards:

  • Rod Beckman
  • Art Bergmann
  • Richard Bernat
  • Bob Brandt
  • Larry Bugera
  • Roger Chartier
  • Randy Eros
  • Henry Funk
  • Raymond Gagné
  • Averil Griffith
  • Harold Janzen
  • Eugene Lemoine
  • Jake Reimer
  • Mark Reimer
  • Claude Roeland
  • Jim Swidersky
  • Jacques Trudeau
  • Ron Vermette
  • Eric Wiens