On Parliament Hill

Another Tax on Canadian Families

  • Ted Falk, Author
  • Member of Parliament, Provencher

It’s 2019, an election year and number one on the list of voter concerns is the Liberal’s Carbon Tax. Justin Trudeau’s job-killing carbon scheme will chase away investment, increase the cost of doing business, and have a devastating effect on our economy and Canadian families. Moreover, the Liberal plan fails to constructively and proactively address the very real issues of pollution and environmental stewardship.

90% of Canadian families are already paying higher taxes under the Trudeau Liberals. The addition of a carbon tax will see average family paying an additional $1,100-$2,500 in taxes per year.

But that’s not all!

Just before Christmas, as the Trudeau Liberals announced the final regulations for the government’s carbon tax, they threw in a Christmas surprise for Canadians. In addition to their carbon tax they announced their plans for the first phase of the government’s new fuel standard regulations.

The Government intends to force companies that produce and refine oil and natural gas to incorporate biofuels into their products. This will increase the cost of fuel for anything that uses natural gas, gasoline, diesel or coal, as producers and refiners pass these costs along consumers.

For those who are keeping track, when it comes to gasoline Canadian consumers will soon be paying a tax on a tax on a tax. And you cannot tax your way to a cleaner environment.

This latest Liberal scheme is unprecedented anywhere in the world. It will apply to all fuel, including fuel used by businesses for the manufacturing and transporting of goods, and families as they pay more to heat their homes and drive their kids to school. It will increase the cost of everything – killing jobs and devastating the Canadian economy.

Like his carbon tax, his cancelation of pipeline projects, his shipping ban, and the No-More-Pipelines Bill C-69, these new fuel regulations are part of Justin Trudeau’s crusade to eliminate Canada’s energy sector.

While the development of energy alternatives – like bio-fuels – to supplement and ease the environmental impact of existing energy sources is a good idea, such moves should be incentivized by Government but market-led. Our previous Conservative government took a measured, common-sense, approach with manageable timelines and incentives to industry to incorporate biofuels rather than dictate and punish those who create jobs in our communities. In this vein our Leader Andrew Scheer has said he will be unveiling a detailed and comprehensive environmental plan before the next election.

Canada’s Conservatives will continue to fight for common sense policies and the needs of Canadian consumers against Justin Trudeau’s job-killing carbon scheme.