The Restoration of Politics

Introduction to the Restoration of Politics

  • Wayne Sturby, Author
  • People's Party Provencher

On April 15, the eyes of the world were focused on the City of Paris – the City of Lights – and home to one of the great monuments of Western Civilization. Notre Dame Cathedral took centuries to build and required the efforts of thousands, but that mattered nothing to the inferno that accomplished its work in less than a day – an inferno that showed NO RESPECT for the labor, the historical significance nor for the magnificence of the interior that it was destroying. The fire cared nothing about the toppling spire – the ultimate sign of being conquered – and was pitiless to the horror and loss felt by millions who witnessed the tragedy.

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire provided clear and convincing proof about the fragility, of even the most enduring of Institutions. The Paris landmark looked muscular and formidable – able to withstand any force and able to provide protection to all who sought refuge there. For most Parisians, and for those familiar with the incredible legacy of Notre Dame, seeing the Cathedral in flames and being forced to consider its total destruction – was unthinkable.

Human beings have the capacity to care deeply about those things that matter to them and the list of those things extends beyond the obvious, but NO ONE can force another person, or determine for them what things should be included on the list of what should matter – even those things that should be obvious.

How many of us have watched, in utter dismay, the steady crumbling and the final destruction of a family that was close to us. How many of us have witnessed the slow, but steady disintegration of a beautiful home, a great neighbourhood, a thriving business, and even a Strong United Country. Unfortunately – history – even our own history – can expose how careless we can become – even with those things that matter the most to us. Often, those around us can see the signs of complacency and issue warnings about what might happen if greater care is not taken. Oftentimes, the warnings go unheeded, the neglect becomes a pattern, and all is assumed to be just fine – until, all of a sudden, it’s not.

Nothing lasts forever and everything we care about requires attention and effort to protect it. Health and fitness are not achieved nor preserved by luck – love might have been blind when it first began, but it will only grow and last by keeping both eyes open. Health, property, relationships – everything we care about and that matters – is something that can be lost.

In most cases, losing is painful and difficult to accept. With few exceptions, losing means failure.

But – not all losses are permanent and almost everything that rusts, decays, and fades can be restored. The pain and frustration of losing can be replaced by the beauty and comfort of restoration and sometimes – the final result is even greater than the original.

In Paris, President Macron has vowed to rebuild the devastated cathedral and to make it, “more beautiful than before”.

Many of us have had the pleasure of watching the beauty and power of restoration at work. We have seen the results of effort and commitment when a decision to restore has been made and we have marvelled at the outcome. Classic automobiles, rare musical instruments, vintage homes and antique furniture – they have all been the objects of Restoration Projects accompanied by spectacular results. Even more impressive and emotionally impacting have been the responses when the forces of Restoration were applied to living persons and we witnessed the Restoration of Health and Wellbeing to those who were on the verge of death and destruction. Lives destroyed by addiction, families torn apart by the agents of hate and evil, and all manner of significant relationships have been restored to the joy and amazement of many.

So – What does this have to do with Politics and why should anyone care or be concerned about this activity – especially when, just the mere mention of it, can cause blood pressure to rise and faces to contort in unflattering ways?

That is what this Blog will attempt to answer, but it will do much more than that in the process. This Blog will be purposely provocative, but that is because it’s a subject that is in desperate need of discussion and opportunity will be given to respond. The purpose of the Blog will be to Educate and not to Frustrate, to have Meaningful Dialogue and not Bloviating Monologue, to Challenge Political Thinking in Pursuit of Truth and to Not Settle for Mere Expressions of Opinion.

This Blog has a starting point, but I am hoping that we can keep raising the bar. There is too much that is at stake, especially when it comes to the Political Future of our country, and I am not willing to take a, “Ho Hum”, or a “Whatever”, approach to any kind of conversation that involves the future of Canada. I feel confident in assuming that we would all agree about the seriousness of our nation’s future.

Restoration is a word that conveys hope and that instills confidence. Precious things that become damaged or lost can be restored and recovered. Neglect and carelessness do not have to be fatal and actions that were destructive can be replaced with actions that are restorative.

There are significant blessings that accompany most restorations and there is no shortage of the blessings that follow when the efforts to remake Politics are successful. Every citizen benefits when government acts as it is supposed to act and every failure, large or small, on the part of government to act as it should will bear a cost that must be paid. Too often, those costs are high and those costs rise in proportion to the failures of government to act as it should. The failure of government to act responsibly and to act in the interest of the citizens is made possible by the neglect and the subsequent deterioration of Politics. Restoring Politics to what it should be – to what it was meant to be – will help to ensure that all the citizens benefit from having a Good and Responsible Government.