On Parliament Hill

Working Hard for You

  • Ted Falk, Author
  • Member of Parliament, Provencher

Parliament has risen for what is likely the last time before the federal election this fall. Canada’s Conservatives have had a strong session.

We fought for our agricultural producers and demonstrated how Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership is hurting our canola farmers, pork producers and Canada’s reputation on the world stage.
We fought for charities and organizations who continue to be discriminated against by the Liberals through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

We worked, and will continue to work, to hold Justin Trudeau and his team accountable for their political interference in the cases of SNC Lavalin and Vice Admiral Mark Norman.

After four years in power, Canadians have had enough of Justin Trudeau’s deficits, tax hikes, international failures and ethical scandals.

Canadians deserve better.
For the past four years, Conservatives have worked hard to show Canadians that there is an alternative to Justin Trudeau.

Canada’s Conservatives will repeal the Carbon Tax.

We will balance the budget responsibly, lower taxes and leave Canadians with more money in their pockets so they can get ahead, not just get by.

We laid out a clear plan to get pipeline projects built and presented our vision for an energy corridor that would allow major, job-creating projects to get built while also minimizing environmental impact.

Conservatives will support the development of green technology to make environmentally-friendly alternatives available without making the lives of Canadians more expensive. We will work to protect our environment by reinstating and improving conservation funding, combatting air and water pollution, and taking action on plastics and waste. We will work with our international partners to reduce emissions.

We will undertake a government-wide effort to remove the interprovincial trade barriers that have held back our federation for so long and negotiate a new Interprovincial Free Trade Agreement.

We announced the first steps of our plan to take on gangs, combat child abuse, tackle human trafficking and put the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals. This is all part of our overall plan for A Safer Canada.

We will clearly and honestly identify the threats Canadians face at home and abroad. We will uphold our sovereignty with a reinvigorated national defence.

We will work to immediately secure our border, restore fairness, order, and compassion in our immigration system.

Canadians deserve a government made up of talented, passionate, and motivated men and women who fight every day to help Canadians realize their dreams. A government that is working hard for you. That’s what a Conservative Government will deliver.