Canadian Gold Beverages

Canadian Gold

Canadian Gold Beverages is located in Marchand, Manitoba, southeast of Steinbach on the edge of the Sandilands Provincial Forest.

The Canadian Gold bottling plant first opened as a family owned business in 1985, under the name Pinewood Springs, and later as Hanover Springs. In September 2012, the plant was purchased by Pieter de Jong. Canadian Gold natural artesian water is bottled at the source and drawn from an aquifer within the pristine area of the Sandilands Provincial forest.

Sands and minerals from the last ice age provide a natural filtration and minerals offering an incredibly fresh, pure and classic taste. The exceptional water has absolutely no nitrates, is enriched with calcium and magnesium and has a zero sodium rating, making Canadian Gold Water unparalleled in purity, healthfulness and quality.

Canadian Gold Sparkling Mineral Water won the coveted Gold Medal award at the Berkeley Springs International Festival of the Waters and was also awarded the Silver Medal. The Touch Organic Sparkling brand took the Bronze Medal, stating that the Sparkling Mineral Water is consistently considered the World’s finest over and over again. With a light mineral composition and a soft sparkle, Canadian Gold Sparkling water has an exceptionally pure and clean taste, rivaling and exceeding many of the other fine international sparkling waters in quality and taste. Canadian Gold Natural Artesian Water is an award winning water similar in mineral composition to other exotic waters from far off islands and remote locations around the world.

The state of the art certified carbon neutral production facility is centrally located in a Manitoba, Canada facility, just north of the Canadian/U.S. border. Shipping is efficient, fast, affordable and most importantly, environmentally friendly to all parts of the US and Canada. Unlike European or South Pacific competitors, the eco-conscious production facility and central North American location offers a truly low carbon footprint that makes the product quite unmatched in the beverage industry today.

With the best tasting water in the world, certified USDA organic flavours and an extremely low carbon footprint, Canadian Gold products will be widely celebrated, purchased and enjoyed by consumers of all ages, cultures and lifestyles. With an abundant water supply, the highly regulated plant is capable of producing enormous volumes of product, with exceptional quality control and care, which enabling service to distributorships both large and small throughout the world.

Why buy imported waters when the “Best Tasting Water” in the world is available right here at home, in Southeast Manitoba, Canada.

For a complete list of retail outlets in Manitoba, visit the Canadian Gold Beverage website.