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To find local businesses on, simply enter your search keywords into the search field below and press enter or click the "Find" button.

Type in a business name or category e.g. pizza

Type in a name e.g. J Smith or John Smith

Canada 411 Search Criteria:

In the Keyword or Business Name field - Enter one or more words that best describe the specific Business or type of business you are looking for AND/OR the specific product or type of products you are looking for.

In the Location field, enter a neighbourhood or city name to find Businesses serving the general area OR enter a postal code to find businesses physically located near that specific point.

Search Examples:

Keyword or Business Name Examples:

  • "ABC Cleaners"
  • "trane air conditioner"
  • "car wash" Location
  • "the beaches"
  • "vancouver"
  • "h3e 2a"

Once you get your search results, you can further refine them by selecting any of the terms in the refinement boxes to the left of the results, such as related categories, products/services, brands, hours of operation, and payment methods. These terms are like additional keywords associated to the listings in your search results. Selecting a refinement term will display only the listings associated to that term.

You can also sort the results by business name (alphabetical order) or by their distance from a reference point you provide (street, city, and/or postal code).

On the results page, you can click on links within the listings to get a map or driving directions to the Business's location view the Business's business profile page visit the Business’s website or send them an e-mail There are also other ways to search on, such as reverse-phone or address searches and proximity search.

The main search box (simple search) allows you to search by keyword. will look for your keywords in the business name, business types (categories), and any other text contained in Business advertising, such as product and services lists, brand names, payment methods, and any other raw text.

Canada 411 Search Suggestions:

As you type in your keywords, will suggest matching Yellow Pages category names closely matching your query. To select one, you can scroll down with the arrow keys on your keyboard and press enter, or use your mouse to select a displayed category name.

For locations, you may enter local neighbourhood and city names to find Businesses serving those areas. You can also search by postal code and major landmark name (ex: CN Tower) to find matching businesses within 10km of the geographical point associated to that location.