Lot Block – Rockwood, Manitoba

  • Len Bergen
  • Royal LePage Riverbend Realty
  • MLS ID: 202022395
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3201.29 total acres near Teulon, all in one block. Additional legals:NE 5-16-1E, NW 5-16-1E, SE 5-16-1E, SW 5-16-1E, NE 7-16-1E, NW 7-16-1E, SE 7-16-1E, SW 7-16-1E, NE 8-16-1E, NW 8-16-1E, SE 8-16-1E, SW 8-16-1E, NE 17-16-1E(LOT Q PLN 47845), NE 17-16-1E(LOT R PLN 47845), NW 17-16-1E(LOT J PLN 47845), NW 17-16-1E(LOT K PLN 47845), SE 17-16-1E(LOT N PLN 47845), SE 17-16-1E(LOT P PLN 47845), SW 17-16-1E(LOT L PLN 47845), SW 17-16-1E(LOT M PLN 47845), NE 18-16-1E(LOT G PLN 47845), NE 18-16-1E(LOT H PLN 47845), NW 18-16-1E(LOT A PLN 47845), NW 18-16-1E(LOT B PLN 47845), SE 18-16-1E(LOT E PLN 47845), SE 18-16-1E(LOT F PLN 47845), SW 18-16-1E(LOT C PLN 47845), SW 18-16-1E(LOT D PLN 47845)

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