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Apiary Technician / Worker and Fieldworker

  • Posted on:11/01/2021
  • Hours:Full-Time, Seasonal
  • Employer:Friedensfeld Honey & Berry Farm
  • Location:Steinbach

Friedensfeld Honey and Berry Farm is a family run business. We specialize in producing pure Manitoba honey and fresh strawberries. We love what we do and enjoy bringing Manitoba fresh honey and strawberries to Canadians but since everything we do is labor intense we rely on outside help. We plant, weed and pick the strawberries by hand, no machines. The same goes for the honey, all the heavy honey boxes when full are hand lifted. Even though it is quite intense work, we enjoy it and are blessed to be able to work as a family with outside help.

Apply by sending resume to:
Friedensfeld Honey & Berry Farm LTD.
c/o Andy & Angelina Loewen
Box 489, Steinbach, MB R5G 1M4
Phone: 204-326-1500
Fax: 204-346-0107

Post Expires: 12/01/2021
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Category: Agriculture, General Labour

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