The City of Steinbach has announced that the 2020 annual drinking water report is now available for public viewing. According to the Drinking Water Safety Act 32(1), all municipalities must provide the public with the ability to access information related to the drinking water they consume.

The report gives Steinbach residents the information they need to feel confident that the water they are consuming meets and exceeds the quality standards set out for safe potable water.

The City of Steinbach’s Waterworks Department strives to provide high quality drinking water in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of the public. They aim to do so in a safe, cost effective manner while complying with the regulatory requirements that govern the provision of drinking water.

The annual reports summarize the Water Utility’s ability to produce safe potable water and meet provincial regulations. The 2020 report is available for download here.

If there are any questions regarding information in this report, please contact the Waterworks Department at 204-346-6214. Paper copies of the report are also available at City Hall upon request.