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Farm to You

  • Gary Dyck, Blog Coordinator
  • Executive Director, MHV
Farm to You

Fall Suppers are a great time for family and community to come together. As a kid, I fondly remember running around in the Friedensfeld Hall – my growing stomach had never experienced all-you-can-eat turkey and lemon pie. Later, I kept running outside in the park with new-found friends, while my parents visited with old-found friends.

This year, however, the Fall Supper tradition is being modified. A few community centres offering a meal are opting for take-out only due to Covid-19. At the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) we are filling in the gap with what we think is an innovative Covid-19 idea called “Farm to You.” On October 2nd, we will open our beautiful auditorium to 50 people (tickets are limited) to come on-site and enjoy a catered Mennonite meal and a thanks-giving program with the community. For those who would rather participate at home, we will deliver a meal kit that you can simply prepare in your home and then watch the same program as a live-stream.

The meal will include Vereniki (perogies) with Schmaundfat (white cream gravy), farmer sausage, a mixed salad with a local dressing, unique beverages, and fresh Plautz (cake), made from scratch with rhubarb from MHV’s own gardens, for dessert. At home or on-site at MHV, we are ready to provide you a meal and a great community event.

For the program, we will hear from those in our community who have a passion for producing food for the rest of us. Andrew Unger, author of the Daily Bonnet, will entertain us with his satirical wit. Celebrate community, eat delicious food and give thanks for all our blessings. This year it may be hard to have a grateful heart, but the story of the Mennonites teaches that in the midst of struggle thanksgiving fosters hope.

This ‘Farm to You’ event is also a needed fundraiser for MHV. 2020 has been a unique and challenging year for MHV amidst the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we have also received tremendous support from YOU, our community. Proceeds from this fundraising harvest supper will support MHV’s annual operations, which include caring for and preserving over 16,500 artefacts, essential restoration projects on its heritage buildings and equipment, and providing educational programming for hundreds of children and youth. During this unprecedented time, we need your support more than ever. Tickets will be $125 each, and include a $50 donation receipt, a traditional Mennonite meal, a couple mystery gifts and a special thanksgiving program. Be sure to reserve your meal by September 25th and remember the onsite event is limited to 50 people!