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All About Hormones: Part 5 – Natural Suggestions

As mentioned in previous articles, the key players of the endocrine system don’t work alone. When everything is working well, you should feel great as hormones are secreted in response to how much the body needs at any given time.

Healthy Living Makes a Difference: Submitted by Janelle Pachal, Steinbach.

Janelle Pachal

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Government invests $5.1 million in new medical equipment

Steinbach MLA and Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced that the Manitoba government has approved $5.1 million in funding to purchase specialized medical equipment for Manitoba health-care facilities.

Farmers encouraged to engage consumers with conversation rather then data

The Director of Public and Industry Affairs with Monsanto Canada suggests those involved in food production need to focus more on conversation and less on data when engaging with the non farming public.

More that 800,000 contraband cigarettes seized

Following an investigation into the importation of illegal cigarettes from Ontario into Manitoba, members of the Manitoba Finance Taxation Special Investigations Unit and the Winnipeg Police Service seized 810,000 contraband cigarettes.

Public health information management system extended to Manitoba First Nations

Steinbach MLA and Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced that a new information sharing agreement will enable 63 First Nations across the province to access Manitoba’s public health information management system.

CBC Manitoba News

Scheifele conjures memories of Hawerchuk as Jets send Winnipeg into frenzy

Fittingly, it was Mark Scheifele who put the finishing touch on the Winnipeg Jets' first-round series victory with a power-play goal early in the third period.

Jets reach new heights, dispatch Wild for 1st series win in franchise history

The Winnipeg Jets are heading to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs after a 5-0 win over the Minnesota Wild on Friday.

'Agreement' or 'proposal'? War of words erupts over MMF deal with Hydro

The legal future of the deal brokered between Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Metis Federation by the former board could hinge on a single word. One side calls the deal a "proposal" while the other insists it's an "agreement."

Whiteout party full as Jets on cusp of playoff series win

For a franchise that only recently won its first-ever NHL playoff game, optimism is sky-high that the Jets are about to claim the series against Minnesota.

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