Trail Talking

Investment Made in K-12 School Capital Projects Across the Province

  • Bob Lagassé, Author
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly, Dawson Trail

Our PC government recently announced an investment of over $210 million in K-12 school capital projects across the province to provide staff and students with safe, modern, and accessible learning facilities. This includes investing in seven future school sites, much-needed major repairs and accessibility upgrades and future designs for major projects. I am pleased to share that in our community, the crawlspace remediation needed at Ecole Lagimodiere has been approved under this funding. This project will help improve the school building in a timely and cost-effective way to best fulfill the needs of students and teachers.

As we prepare for our upcoming 2021 provincial budget, our priority is to support and protect Manitobans through the COVID-19 pandemic. Winnipeg virtual engagement sessions occurred on February 4, 2021. Recordings of the sessions can be found at

In the coming days, I am looking forward to virtually participating in I Love to Read Month. I Love to Read Month is always a highlight of the year, and due to COVID-19, it was uncertain if it would still take place. Even though it will be a different format than previous years, I’m glad that we’re still able to get together and celebrate the importance of reading and literacy. In addition to reading to the students, I am also looking forward to answering all of their unique and interesting questions about our provincial government and my role as their local MLA.