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Blue Wonder!

  • Sheldon Falk, Blog Coordinator
  • Owner and Operator, Falk Nurseries
Blue Wonder Lilac

Wonder blue lilac, what makes this lilac a Wonder? I have two very good reasons – and a bunch of other reasons to grow lilacs in general.

First of all it’s blue. The true diagnosis of the colour would be blue lavender with a hint of purple. The buds are a dark purple, the flowers open up to a nice lavender blue and then fade into a lighter blue with a hint of pink. So it’s not sky blue but it is blue.

Second big reason is just as valuable. It only grows to the five feet high and wide. Unless were thinking of Hedges or large spaces to fill many lilacs can become a little too big.

This one stays within its bounds and can be planted in multiple places. Beside the house, deck, near the fence, just make sure it’s not a low spot because all lilacs dislike soggy soil.

Like most of its cousins this dwarf blue Wonder is very fragrant, cold tolerant and puts an excellent show on in the spring. They are all easy care and have a long life span. They can live 50 to 75 years.

The main reason I’m excited by this plant is because it’s blue and compact we really have no other shrubs that give us anything near a blue colour. President Grevy and President Lincoln are two other blue lilac varieties that we have carried the past and hope to still have on hand but they get large.

Most of us look for plants that are containable and don’t need a lot of trimming. It’s too cold to grow blue hydrangeas well here, so I’m glad the blue flowers come on the easy care, hardy dwarf lilac.