View From the Legislature

Easter Brings Healing and Hope

  • Kelvin Goertzen, Author
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly, Steinbach

For those who adhere to the Christian faith, Easter is among the most special times of the year. And while many of the traditions of Easter that have been interrupted over the past two years are set to return, the core principles for those of the Christian faith were never interrupted.

Easter is a special time because the basis of the Christian faith rests upon it. It represents both the hope of the Christian faith as well as a roadmap to follow during our life on earth. While the inability to mark Easter in traditional ways has been disappointing to many, those key qualities of Easter were never in jeopardy and cannot be changed for those who follow that belief. Already around the world we have seen many of the traditions in the lead up to Easter return across the various Christian traditions with Palm Sunday having been marked this past weekend.

But like every Easter, there are world challenges that provide perspective. The ongoing war in Ukraine and the lives that are being destroyed have been there for all to see for weeks now. Not new is the fact that in many parts of the world Christians and those who practice other faiths are not free to do so without the threat of persecution. These and other world challenges give everyone reason to think about the plight of others. Which itself is very much at the core of Easter, the concern for the well being of others.

There is much reason to hope that this Easter brings not only the opportunity for Christians to return to some of the traditions that they have missed the past two years, but to find healing within them. It is now part of regular commentary that there is much division in society. That division has resulted not simply in disagreement, which itself is not a negative thing in a democratic society, but the increasing lack of civility around that disagreement. Here the message of Easter offers an opportunity to find healing as we seek to literally and figuratively welcome others to the table. And as we do, it brings the opportunity to listen and share in the experiences of others, even in civil disagreement. Bringing with it the opportunity of both hope and healing.

There is much to be troubled about in the world in general and no doubt many feel that within their own lives as well. Regardless of your individual personal belief, the Easter weekend will hopefully offer an opportunity to rest and reflect. For those of the Christian faith, it is an opportunity to both reconnect with traditions and reflect deeply upon their true meaning.

Together with my family, we wish each of you a blessed Easter filled with hope and healing.