View From the Legislature

Promoting Manitoba

  • Kelvin Goertzen, Author
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly, Steinbach

Last week I had the opportunity to represent Manitoba at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. In particular, I was honoured to help open the Canadian Pavilion at the conference as we work to attract more partnerships in this important sector.

This conference attracts more than 17,000 biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry leaders, who came together for one week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. The conference brought together a global spectrum of ideas focused on improving health care delivery and it was particularly beneficial to be able to discuss healthcare initiatives with both the medical community and other provincial, federal and international leaders. There were representatives from as far away as Queensland, Australia, and it was particularly valuable to learn of the synergies that exist between and Manitoba several other jurisdictions.

At the conference I was also pleased to speak with representatives of Valeant Canada about the work they continue to do in their Steinbach facility. It is clear that the Steinbach operation in considered a crown jewel for the company, which is a true testament to those who work at the facility. Manitoba has a great deal of potential when it comes to the research and bio-tech industry. I look forward to seeing that potential developed further in the years ahead.