Trail Talking

Summer 2018 Wrap-up

  • Bob Lagassé, Author
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly, Dawson Trail

August was a jam-packed month. Between festivals, barbecues and parades, there were many fun events to celebrate the tail end of the summer.

Folklorama is a great Winnipeg event celebrating culture and diversity, and I had the opportunity in August to attend several of its pavilions. I saw wonderful performances and ate delicious food, while becoming immersed in a few of the cultures that make up our diverse population.

I also had a chance to participate in two celebrations in the Dawson Trail constituency, the first being the Landmark Friendship Festival. I took part in the parade and the dunk tank, and helped serve supper. And at Dawson Trail Days in Ste. Anne, I joined the parade. Both of these festivals are fun events that build a strong sense of community, and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of them.

In recent weeks, as well, I held a constituency barbecue in Ile des Chenes. With the warm weather and sun shining, it was a great day and a relaxed and casual setting for meeting and chatting with Dawson Trail constituents. Thank you to all who were able to attend.

Of course, our government has continued to work hard for Manitobans this summer. A major initiative we have announced is our plan for a significant upgrade of the provincial public safety communications system.

To better protect Manitobans and to assist public safety organizations in dealing with emergencies, we are moving to a new digital radio system to replace the outdated FleetNet service long used by Manitoba’s firefighting, ambulance and police services, and the very high frequency (VHF) radios used by conservation officers and forest fire crews. Our government is investing $380 million in the digital mobile two-way radio system, which will increase radio range and clarity and provide expanded coverage over a more secure network.

The investment in this more advanced technology will give our province’s public safety organizations and crews improved safety while they work to protect Manitobans, and will ensure stronger and more reliable communications for them for decades.