Standing on my Soap Box

No Limits – No Regrets!

  • Sheila Rempel, Author
  • Writer, Southeastern Manitoba

Welcome to the beginning of 2019! This is the beginning of anything you want if you are willing to work for it. Someone said the opening statement to me in a different context, and it has been ruminating in my brain ever since, however I think it applies very well to the beginning of the year, and hopefully at the end of the year we can all say the same. “I have no regrets”.

That being said, we need to get to the place of no limits. So who told you that you couldn’t do what you knew you should? Who told you that you were not worthy? Who told you whatever lie you currently believe?

I remember many years ago I worked at a bible camp. One of the campers was living a very rough existence. When she left camp that day, many of us female counsellors cried not knowing what would happen to her. CFS was well aware of her situation.

During that week, a counsellor had lent that camper a yellow sweater, she looked really good in that particular shade of yellow, and the counsellor told her she looked pretty. Here was a 12 year old girl, who had been used and abused, and yet no one bothered to tell her she was pretty! She did not take off that sweater for the rest of the week.

Has anyone told you that you are awesome, and that you can make it? Has anyone encouraged you and made you feel special or important? Or have you been told the opposite. That you are nothing but a good for nothing, never gonna change loser? Maybe they haven’t been that harsh. Or maybe that person who says that to you is YOU?!?

Do you walk around carrying a bat in your hand just ready to inflict damage to your own soul? Maybe you heard it for so long that now you believe it. How often do you do something wrong and the first thing out of your brain, is that you are such a loser? Or that you are stupid.

Maybe you are like my mom was when she first started dating my adoptive dad (before I came along)? She was so used to be mistreated by the non-sibling men in her life that she didn’t feel like she deserved any better. She actually broke up with dad because He treated her so well, and she didn’t feel like she deserved it. Her next boyfriend after him got her pregnant, left her alone and married someone else. When I was 9 months mom and Dad had a happen stance meeting where she worked, and the rest as they say is history. My bio-father has no idea what an awesome daughter he missed out on (me), however I ended up with an amazing dad out of the deal, and mom has never been physically mistreated since.

This being said, I am trying to get back into running again. I have a few races already scheduled, and am looking to lose a few more than a few pounds. I did some pictures recently, and was embarrassed by what I saw. It is what it is currently, however I am looking to change that. So when I speak of the bat in the hand above, I still have one as well. And it spewed some awful things in my head about what I saw in the pictures. I never want to be embarrassed by pictures to that degree again.

Why do I tell you this – come on you know the answer – because I can and I have a blog. But also to help you see, that you are not alone. There are others who mistreat themselves as well. So how about we set some “No limits – No Regrets” goals for 2019 and crush them come this time next year! Wanna join me?