Standing on my Soap Box

Count It All Joy – And Moving Forward

  • Sheila Rempel, Author
  • Writer, Southeastern Manitoba

Have you ever wondered, how? How in the world am I supposed “count it all joy”? How do you “be glad it happened” instead of being sad (By the way, I HATE that statement). I don’t know – YOU JUST DO. You CHOOSE to become better not bitter. You CHOOSE to keep going.

Some days life happens to you, and some days you make life happen This past week it has been all life happening to me, and I’ve had life add things to me and life took important (to me) “stuff” away. How are you not sad when things you enjoy end? It would be different if it were a tooth ache, or a long run (10 miles on a treadmill SUCKS air. 10 Miles on the road in slush SUCKS with wet feet). But when an activity or event you enjoy and look forward to ends, that bites.

Ever had that happen to you? There are those who look at you and tell you how strong you are. How they could never handle all that you do, and how you certainly handle all that life gives and takes away with such calm and grace. But you? You don’t feel that way. It may appear on the outside, to those looking in, that you are handling everything with poise and grace, but inside, not so much.

I have a paper on the wall of my cubicle of what I felt God saying to me a few months ago. “Start dreaming about your life, what you want to accomplish, and where you want to go. People have a free will and can choose what they want to do with the life they’ve been given. Because of this, work on YOU. Become the best version of you. Not to spite anyone, but to better you. Live the life I have planned for you. Be open to my leading, get excited about your life”.

How do you become the “best version of you”? You decide to, stop making excuses. You stop planning, analyzing, searching the web, and you start doing. Who am I speaking to? You… and ME! I have great plans for where I see myself come the end of the year. The runs I want to do, the food plan I want to follow etc. I am a planner, and am great at planning my training, using a training program that will push me further than I’ve taken myself before. It’s a little aggressive, and…

I don’t do it. I am supposed to be getting up at 5 am to get my run in, but my bed is too comfy and warm, and I just don’t get up. I break the promises I made to myself and am showing the value and worth I place on myself. So, I am not waiting until the next Monday. I am starting over (as soon as my Coke is finished.)

So as you and I try to count “it” all joy and move forward even in the midst of “stuff”. Take the time to take care of yourself – body, soul and mind – because its harder to take care of someone else if your “tank” is empty. Trust me I know.