The Story of Us

Volunteering at Eastman Immigrant Services

  • Josie Fast, Author
  • Past Program Director, EIS
Cinthia Penner, language buddy volunteer at Eastman Immigrant Services.

Cinthia Penner is part of the volunteer program at Eastman Immigrant Services. She volunteers as a language buddy. Her main role is to give an opportunity for a newcomer to practice English.

The Eastman Immigrant Services volunteer program exists to create meaningful opportunities for volunteers to support newcomers who are transitioning to the Eastman region. Through one-to-one contacts, small groups, and large community events, volunteers form an integral part of a positive settlement and integration experience. Eastman Immigrant Services wants each of our volunteers to get the most out of their time volunteering with us.

Our Volunteer Program is run through Volunteer Manitoba following the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. Volunteer involvement is vital for strong, inclusive and resilient communities. It is personal and builds relationships. We have seen some positive changes in individuals, relationships have been formed and cultural barriers broken.

Some of the ways in which volunteers can be involved are:

  • language buddy
  • citizenship class instructor
  • group leader (conversation classes)
  • settlement partner
  • interpreter
  • one-to-one citizenship test tutor
  • special events support

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • meeting new people
  • gaining work experience
  • developing leadership and communication skills
  • contributing skills and talents to helping people in your community
  • developing a broader understanding of, and appreciation for, other cultures, people, and worldviews

We look forward to meeting you and helping you connect with newcomers in our community!