Standing on my Soap Box


  • Sheila Rempel, Author
  • Writer, Southeastern Manitoba

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and I am sorry! I’ve written one in my head thousands of times and yet it hasn’t made it to the screen.

I think my first blog post of 2020 will be more of an update. This will give you reference for upcoming blogs. I am still in the world of the separated, however now it is a permanent thing. The dissolution my marriage is now before the courts. As I said before this is not where I saw myself when I got married 25 year ago, sometimes things happen that you will not get past. My kids are ok with the way things are, I am satisfied, and more importantly I am clear in my spirit with the direction I have chosen to go. Yes I am the one who made the decision to put it before the courts.

In other news, my parents are 81 and 83 and they have moved into my master bedroom and I have moved myself into what used to be the spare room. My mom is now mostly blind, and my dad needs a fair bit of help over and above Homecare. I am glad that I have the opportunity to do this. It has meant some change to how things work at the house, but it is what it is.

In November I would have celebrated my 25th anniversary instead I went away. I flew to California and toured around there and Nevada. Two days of my week away were spent at the ocean. I have never been to the ocean before (Actually before this trip, I never even owned a passport!). I learned many things at the ocean.

The beauty of the ocean was amazing and I was awestruck. My last day before coming home I stayed at Pacific beach until the sun set over the ocean before driving back to the LA airport. (By the way, Pacific Beach is my new happy place!) I watched the power of the waves, and yet as I stood at the end of the pier, there were no waves, but there was an incredible wind. I watched as waves were created out of what appeared to be nothing. And I was reminded that God’s word says in Proverbs 8, that “He assigned the sea its limit so that the waters would not transgress His command when he marked out the foundations of the earth.” Our God in the making of the earth set up some rules even for the sea. The beauty and the power of the ocean are but a mere bucket in the earth and all that God has created it.

When I look at the snow storm that we just had, I see the power of the wind; however I don’t actually see the wind. I see the snow piles in my driveway or hear of wind while driving home on the highway from the city in a storm. I know who controls the wind, and I know who controls my life. But more on that in my next blog post.