Prairie Oils & Vinegars

Prairie Oils Vinegars

Prairie Oils & Vinegars is Manitoba’s first oil and vinegar tasting room. Our goal is to provide the consumer with the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. At Prairie Oils & Vinegars, we follow the olive crush in the northern and southern hemispheres to provide the consumer with the most recently produced and healthiest oils available anywhere. In addition to the varietal oils, we also offer the opportunity to enjoy naturally flavored olive oils and gourmet oils to tantalize your palate. Our dark and white vinegars, both traditional and infused, are aged up to 18 years and are certified to be from Modena, Italy. Using a time honoured aging technique results in a rich, smooth product unlike typical balsamic found in your local grocery store.

Owner, Bev Penner has created a relaxed and welcoming environment, where you can come in and learn about each of our products and taste before you buy. Whether you like to dip with bread or sip it straight, take your time and enjoy the experience of discovering new tastes and flavor combinations. Flavors of olive oils like basil, butter, lemon, blood orange are just a few examples. Our aged balsamics have wonderful flavors like maple, cinnamon pear, espresso, to name and few, and pairing these with the different olive oils brings the flavor to a whole new level. When you find what you like we’ll bottle and cork it for you to take home and enjoy. We can help assist you in finding the perfect oils and balsamics for yourself. Our attractive bottles make a great gift idea.

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