The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) has concluded its investigation into allegations of criminal behaviour by an off-duty RCMP member in northern Manitoba in and around December 26, 2020.

According to the notification received on February 10, 2021, the RCMP advised of allegations of an unauthorized use of a cellular phone, mischief and criminal harassment arising out of a failed relationship. The allegations were that an officer obtained unauthorized access to his ex-girlfriend’s cellphone. He read messages, used the Find My Friends function to track her location and had friends drive by her house to check on her whereabouts.

As the allegations in the notification are discretionary matters pursuant to the provisions of The Police Services Act (PSA), the IIU assumed conduct of this matter and IIU investigators were assigned to this investigation.

One RCMP officer was identified as the subject officer (SO), and two RCMP officers were designated as witness officers. The affected person (AP) was identified and interviewed. Two witness interviews conducted by the RCMP were determined to not offer any direct evidence and another civilian witness declined to meet with IIU investigators. In addition, information obtained by IIU investigators included:

  • RCMP occurrence report
  • CPIC license plate checks
  • witness officer notes
  • audio statements of witnesses taken by RCMP
  • screenshots of iPad messages

The entire investigative file was referred to Manitoba Prosecution Service (MPS). MPS provided IIU with a Crown opinion in which it advised that it was not recommending any criminal charges against the SO, as they are not satisfied there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction.

Accordingly, the IIU investigation and this file is closed.