The City of Steinbach has announced that the compost pile at the Steinbach landfill is saturated with significant amounts of spring precipitation and is not expected to be ready until fall of this year.

“It’s unfortunate the pile is so wet, we know a lot of people like using the finished compost in their spring garden projects,” said Eldon Wallman, Manager, Solid Waste Department. “The weather plays a big role in processing the compost pile, and it’s just not cooperating this year. The upside to the delay is that there will be a lot of finished compost material available for residents this fall”

City officials say that until the pile dries, a process that could take weeks to months, it cannot be put through the final screening process.

“The compost pile isn’t the only thing saturated with water,” noted Wallman. “I have never seen so much water at the landfill in the 16 years I’ve managed it. We definitely have soggy conditions right now and we want people to know that we have very muddy roads and getting stuck is a possibility for some vehicles.”

The city recommends that, if possible, residents wait to visit the landfill until after the long weekend. With some sunshine, it is hopeful that conditions will improve quickly.

The Landfill is open Summer hours, Monday to Friday: 7am to 8 pm, Saturday: 8am to 6pm and closed Sundays and Holidays.