More than $42 million in provincial funding was recently announced for four water projects, including a new water treatment plant in Beausejour. The projects will aim to improve system efficiency and protect local communities and their environments.

Among these projects, joint federal and provincial funding will help build a new water treatment plant and reservoir in Beausejour. The project includes the construction of two new raw water supply wells, a pump house, and approximately three kilometres of raw water supply lines. For this project, the Government of Canada is contributing over $4.9 million, the Manitoba government is contributing over $4.1 million, and the municipality is contributing over $3.3 million towards eligible project costs.

“Major infrastructure projects are challenging in any community,” said Beausejour Mayor Ray Schirle. “We are thankful for the excellent relationships the Town has with our senior levels of government and our funding partners. The new water treatment plant will provide a safe drinking water source well into the future which will make the Town of Beausejour a sustainable and attractive place to live and invest, ensuring our kids and our families have clean air, water and soil.”

In St. Adolphe, funding will support the reconstruction of the existing pump stations and gravity outfalls to meet current design codes and standards. Additionally, this project includes riverbank stability improvements as needed to ensure long-term performance of the pump stations and adjacent flood protection dike. The Governments of Canada and Manitoba are each contributing over $3.6 million to this project.

In Oakview, the Rapid City water distribution system will see significant upgrades consisting of the replacement of approximately 9,175 meters of water pipes throughout the Town of Rapid City in the Rural Municipality of Oakview. This project will benefit from a federal investment of over $2.6 million, a provincial investment of over $2.1 million, and a municipal investment of over $1.7 million towards eligible project costs.

In addition, Regional Water Supply Project in the Town of Stonewall will also receive funding from all three governments. This project will provide a regional solution to increase access to a reliable, quality water supply. The three main partner communities, Stonewall, Warren and Woodlands, will have their reservoirs upgraded to improve water treatment in the region. The federal contribution to the project is more than $11.5 million, provincial contribution is more than $9.5 million, and the municipality’s contribution is more than $7.6 million.