Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure recently announced its advertising schedule for the 2022-23 construction season at the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association’s awards breakfast and annual general meeting.

The three-year capital plan includes initiatives such as:

  • the Winnipeg One Million Perimeter Highway Freeway Initiative, which will upgrade the Perimeter Highway to freeway standards to meet the current and future needs of the capital region;
  • the Trade and Commerce Grid Strategy, which will expand the grid of highways that can support heavy commercial loading;
  • the International Trade Hub, which will: enhance the province’s transportation mobility and connectivity, ensure safety and reliability across the highway network, enable industry expansion that leverages Manitoba’s diverse economy; and build climate resiliency;
  • the expansion of CentrePort Canada, which is North America’s largest tri-modal inland port and foreign trade zone;
  • upgrades to the rail line to Churchill, which will improve service to isolated communities; and
  • the proposed Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project, which represents a significant step in Manitoba’s long-term climate resiliency and flood mitigation plan, to provide improved flood protection for Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure advises the advertising schedule for 2022-23 construction, engineering service provider and material supply tenders is posted at

An amended list with additional projects will be posted in mid-December after the upcoming byelection in Kirkfield Park.