Manitoba Sustainable Development advises that temporary conservation measures have been put in place to protect walleye populations in Lake Dauphin and its tributaries this spring during the walleye spawning period.

The walleye population in Lake Dauphin has been recovering with the continued support of commercial fishers, recreational anglers and Indigenous communities. Additional efforts are necessary to protect walleye during this critical part of their lifecycle and are part of efforts to ensure a sustainable Dauphin Lake walleye population.

The temporary measures take effect immediately and will be in place until the completion of the walleye spawning period. During this period, no commercial or recreational fishing is allowed, but Aboriginal rights holders may continue to harvest all species of fish by angling only, and must release any walleye between 45 and 70 centimetres in length.

These steps reflect the department’s commitment to improve walleye stocks through sustainable measures with input from First Nations and M├ętis communities. When Manitoba Sustainable Development determines the spring walleye spawning has been completed, temporary conservation measures will be lifted.