Dating back to April 11 of 2021, the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) notified the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU) of an incident that occurred earlier that day on Charles Street.

According to the notification, officers were responding to a call for service. When they arrived on scene, they located a male outside the residence with visible injuries. The male suddenly attacked officers and force was used to subdue him. The individual was transported to Health Sciences Centre and treated for fractured ribs and a possible hemothorax.

As this matter concerned a serious injury as defined under the IIU regulations, the IIU assumed responsibility for this mandatory investigation in accordance with Sec. 65(4) of the Police Services Act. IIU investigators were assigned to this investigation.

IIU investigators received the following materials:

  • Winnipeg Police dispatch call history;
  • audio recording of original 911 call;
  • Unit E309 computer-aided dispatching (CAD) history for April 11, 2021;
  • statement of affected person’s girlfriend;
  • officer’s notes;
  • subject officer’s use of force report;
  • prisoner injury report;
  • prisoner log; and
  • arrest report of the affected person.

IIU investigators interviewed witness officers and met with the affected person’s girlfriend and the affected person. The civilian director did a thorough review of all evidence and material facts obtained and determined no charges would be laid against the subject officer.

The IIU investigation is now complete and the matter is closed.

The details of this investigation were first announced on April 12, 2021.