The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU) has concluded its investigation into the circumstances surrounding serious injuries sustained by an adult female, which coincided with a police-involved incident.

On April 14, the Brandon Police Service (BPS) reported an incident to the IIU that had occurred earlier that day. According to the notification, BPS officers attempted to stop a stolen vehicle in the 800 block of Van Horne Avenue at approximately 1:30 a.m. The vehicle fled and officers were pursuing it at a distance when it was involved in a significant single-vehicle collision. The vehicle continued evading police and officers terminated the pursuit for reasons of public safety. Officers encountered the vehicle again a short time later. The vehicle stopped to allow an injured passenger (the affected person) exit the vehicle. The affected person was transported by police to the emergency department at the Brandon Regional Health Centre, where they were treated for multiple rib fractures.

As rib fractures are defined as a serious injury under the IIU regulations, the IIU assumed responsibility for this mandatory investigation in accordance with Sec. 66(4) of the Police Services Act.

IIU investigators were assigned to this investigation and reviewed materials including:

  • bail brief, breach order of prohibition, breach release order, charge, remand warrant, arrest documents and court brief for male driver;
  • two computer-aided dispatch reports;
  • dispatch recordings;
  • GEOTAB data from police vehicles;
  • IIU disclosure material for the affected person;
  • IIU-created dispatch recordings playlist;
  • first witness officer’s investigator’s report;
  • major incident report;
  • medical consent form for the affected person;
  • occurrence summary;
  • three sets of officer’s notes;
  • police car videos;
  • platoon assigned duties 20230413CN;
  • car messages, call history and GEOTAB records; and
  • notebook statement taken by second witness officer in regards to the affected person.

The civilian director designated two witness officers. No subject officers were designated. IIU investigators met with the affected person. The civilian witness declined to provide a statement.

The civilian director concluded the actions of the witness officers did not contribute to the serious injuries of the affected person.

The details of this investigation were first announced on April 21.