The Manitoba government is ensuring Manitobans have continued access to adult education as a pathway to employment opportunities by introducing the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) to replace the General Educational Development (GED) tests.

“Adult education allows Manitobans from all walks of life to access equal opportunities in our growing economy,” said Advanced Education and Training Minister RenĂ©e Cable. “This is why our government acted swiftly to introduce this new credential as a modern replacement to the GED, so adult education students are able to learn without interruption.”

The GED test series will be discontinued in Canada effective May 3. CAEC testing is expected to start in Manitoba in June, the minister added.

The CAEC features new Canadian content that includes diverse cultures and Indigenous perspectives. The modernized CAEC digital tests can be taken online in English or French, with a paper-based option available if needed. The same subject areas as the GED will be evaluated including English, French, mathematics, social studies and science. Successful test assessments will continue to lead to a high school equivalency certificate issued by the Manitoba government.

The Manitoba government is committed to ensuring a smooth and barrier-free transition from GED to CAEC testing by keeping the cost at $75 for test-takers. Manitoba’s CAEC testing locations and schedule will be posted on the Adult Learning and Literacy website as soon as it is available, noted the minister.

Manitobans who have started the GED preparation process are encouraged to complete the full test series before May. Those who have passed some GED tests will be able to have those tests applied towards their CAEC for up to three years. Employers can recognize both the GED and CAEC as equivalent certificates.

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