Planned safety improvements in Steinbach for the intersection at PTH 52 and West Industrial Road, including the installation of new traffic control signals, have been given the green light.

“The new signals will help with the more efficient and safe movement of traffic around Steinbach,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler. “A number of provincial roads run through the city. Projects like this will help ensure necessary standards are met and traffic flows safely through Steinbach.”

Traffic counts in July 2017 and subsequent analysis supported the installation of signals at the intersection, said Schuler. The new signals and any necessary intersection improvements will be designed in the coming months, with installation completed by the spring of 2019.

“Steinbach continues to grow quickly and along with that growth comes more vehicle traffic and the need to ensure it can move safely,” said Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Kelvin Goertzen. “This intersection has been identified as one of the priority intersections by municipal officials for traffic lights and I’m glad that we are able to move forward with it.”

Meanwhile, Schuler noted improvements at the intersection of PTH 12 and Loewen Boulevard, which includes the installation of a new signal controller and improved traffic detectors, were recently completed.