The Slingshot Racing Cup is set to conclude another exciting season of racing with Rounds 9 and 10 taking place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at Gimli Motorsport Park.

The championship is set to come down to the wire with point battles raging throughout the field. Myles Kraut is poised to repeat as champion in his Karma Property Management Slingshot and looking to wrap up a successful 2018 season. “It’s been a lot of fun winning races this year and I’m enjoying the close competition between everyone,” said Kraut. “Hopefully I can finish strong at our final event and clinch the championship again.”

Organized by SAR Sport & Recreation in Steinbach and professional race car driver David Richert, the Slingshot Racing Cup, sponsored by AMSOIL and Rainbow Trailers, is the only racing championship in the world to feature Polaris’ unique 3-wheeled roadster called the Slingshot.

“We have really enjoyed this race season so far and the Slingshot has again provided an immense amount of fun, safe, and close wheel-to-wheel racing action,” said David Richert. “We are really looking forward to ending on a high note and hope each of our drivers will be happy with their final results.”

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