Mary Yoder, a new incumbent, is running for Trustee in Hanover School Division Ward 1 West with hopes to increase the awareness and importance of strong academics. Ward 1 West covers Niverville, Bothwell, Kleefeld and Crystal Springs.

One key platform Yoder sees for this ward is to use her voice and experience to help raise the academic bar and still maintain the connection to the deep and rich heritage found in these communities. “I’m passionate about education and about these dear students in Hanover School Division and how we are actually preparing them for the competitive future that is rising to meet them,” says Yoder. “The educational landscape is changing in this district as new families move into the area from larger cities. As these communities grow in diversity, we must respect each other’s values while growing in our academic standards together.”

Mary Yoder and her husband Ray have three young children and have lived in the area for 16 years. She grew up in Alberta and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology from the University of Alberta. Mary has volunteered in numerous capacities with involvement at the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, the PAC committee in the local elementary school, as well as serving in her church community.

Mary hopes to bring a renewed sense of purpose with much needed growth in academic excellence while renewing our history of strong family values. “It is staggering to read the results of the Conference Board of Canada’s review of Manitoba’s academic standing. In the Education and Skills report card of this review, Manitoba scored a “D” in student reading, science, and math skills,” stated Yoder. “We must not silence our children’s future by holding back our voices now. I am committed to using my voice to represent that future for all our children.”