The Hydrologic Forecast Centre (HFC) of Manitoba Infrastructure reports the Portage Diversion is expected to be operated within the next several days to maintain flows below 5,000 cubic feet per second on the Lower Assiniboine River.

This is in accordance with the Portage Diversion operating guidelines for ice management during the spring break-up. An Amphibex icebreaking machine has operated in select areas of the diversion channel and at the outlet of the diversion channel.

The Red River Floodway will operate next week as river flows increase and ice conditions permit. As well, Shellmouth Dam flows will be monitored as part of provincial flood management activities.

The HFC continues to monitor weather systems that are predicted to bring rain or snow to the Red River and Assiniboine River watersheds over the next 10 days. For the Red River Valley, the outlook for high water continues to be at or slightly less than the 2009 flood levels. The crest on the Red River is forecast to reach Emerson between April 15 and 18.