Manitoba’s Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education released their public consultation discussion paper that will set the stage and act as a guide for Manitobans to provide input to the commission.

“Manitoba students and their families deserve excellence in education. A strong education can set students up for success – in the workforce, in post-secondary education, and in life in general,” said Clayton Manness, Commission Co-Chair.

Manness went on to state that the areas of focus for the discussion paper include:

  • A long-term vision to prepare students for a rapidly changing world
  • How to achieve excellence in student outcomes
  • Equipping teachers and school leaders with the tools they need to be successful
  • Introducing stronger accountability structures to ensure students are succeeding
  • What type of governance structures are needed to achieve better outcomes for Manitoba students
  • How to fund the system to ensure it is sustainable and ensure that money is going to the areas where it is most needed

The commission wants to ensure that students, parents, teachers, school and division leaders, trustees, and the general public have a variety of ways to provide their input and share their views to help shape the future of education in the province.

Public meetings will begin on April 24, 2019, and will be held in locations across the province. Members of the commission will be available to meet with individuals and stakeholders at the meetings.

Since students are a central focus of this review, the commission will hold engagement events to gather direct input from students from diverse community, cultural and linguistic backgrounds across the province. The commission is also considering additional consultations to ensure that students, particularly those living in vulnerable or marginalized circumstances, are heard.

The interactive public workshop schedule, discussion paper and summary handout are available to the public and are available online at