Since it was launched last month, 5,743 people have visited Elections Manitoba’s online voter registration service, with 3,100 successful searches and 1,029 registrations.

Elections Manitoba’s online service makes it easier than ever to register to vote in provincial elections. Voters can access the online voter registration service at any time to do any of the following:

  • Check if they are registered to vote
  • Update their information
  • Register to vote

On the site, voters will be prompted to enter their name, date of birth and address. If the voter’s record is found and the information is correct, nothing further needs to be done.

If the voter’s record is not found, or the voter would like to update their information, they will be prompted to enter their driver’s license number or upload two pieces of ID.

Keeping their information up-to-date helps ensure Manitobans receive accurate voting information and makes it easier for them to vote.

New boundaries will be in effect for the upcoming election. Voters can find their new electoral division at