The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) has concluded its investigation into an incident in which an officer of the Altona Police Service (APS) was alleged to have pointed a firearm without justification at a female youth. The IIU has determined there is insufficient evidence to lay any charge against the subject officer.

In December 2015, an APS officer and a security guard were transporting a teen from Altona to Winnipeg. The teen later claimed – in November 2018 during a subsequent encounter with Altona police – that during the transport, the officer and security guard had pulled her from the vehicle and pointed a gun at her head.

APS immediately contacted the IIU to advise of the allegation and, although there were no injuries sustained in this matter, the IIU civilian director determined it was in the public interest for the unit to investigate.

IIU investigators interviewed the teen, the subject officer, the security guard, and three other officers who were aware of the alleged incident. In his report on the investigation, IIU Civilian Director Zane Tessler noted the teen’s recollection of the incident remained basically consistent over the years, but there were also numerous discrepancies – including whether it was the security guard, officer, or both who pointed a weapon at her. He wrote, “The mandate of IIU does not include authorizing criminal charges in the absence of cogent, trustworthy and sufficient evidence to support that decision.”