Manitoba Finance is reminding employers to ensure they report serious incidents and have adequate safeguards in place for machines after an employer was prosecuted for violations of The Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations.

On Oct. 24, 2017, a Fleet Brake Parts and Services Limited worker was cutting a portion of a metal bracket using a hydraulic shear press. The worker clamped the bracket in place with a hydraulic material lock bar, made the cut and then raised the lock bar in order to release the bracket. One of the worker’s hands was on the top of the lock bar as it raised. The hand was pinched, resulting in the partial amputation of a finger.

Fleet Brake Parts and Services Limited pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the shear press had safeguards on it to prevent workers from coming into contact with moving parts of the machine, and for failing to notify Workplace Safety and Health of a serious incident. The employer was ordered to pay $37,500 in fines and penalties