The Province of Manitoba has just announced that it is making improvements to flood infrastructure in the Niverville area.

“The protection system is important infrastructure that helps manage spring run-off and any significant rainfall and flooding throughout the summer,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler. “We’re making improvements to better protect the workers operating the system in order to better protect the community from flooding.”

A ring dike to mitigate local overland flow and high levels of the Red River protects the town of Niverville, located south of Winnipeg between PTH 75 and PTH 59. The floodgates are typically open so water can naturally flow from town to the river. When water levels are high and there is a significant risk of overland flooding outside the community, the floodgates are closed to prevent water from backing up into town.

The province has installed a new operating platform to allow staff safe and easy access to the structures to operate the culvert gates through the dike system. When the control gates are shut, water from inside the community dike has to be pumped out. Prior to the construction of the platform, workers frequently had to wade through flood waters to access and operate the gates.

The platform and access ramp cost $3,500 and comply with current safety standards. Manitoba Infrastructure staff will continue to evaluate flood control infrastructure throughout the province and make operational and safety improvements where necessary.