Steinbach RCMP are reporting that more than half of all drivers who recently drove through the intersection at Loewen Avenue and Henry Street in Steinbach, during a 1.5 hour time span, did not stop lawfully.

On the morning of November 13, 2019, the Steinbach RCMP Advisory committee conducted their annual traffic initiative, which included awarding restaurant coupons for drivers who properly stopped at stop signs. Coupons for this initiative were provided by Dairy Queen, A&W and McDonald’s.

RCMP were setup at the corner of Loewen Avenue and Henry Street and the monitoring took place between 10:30am and noon.

Steinbach RCMP report that during the initiative, 192 vehicles were observed doing an illegal “rolling” stop, while 316 vehicles were observed stopping lawfully and properly.

Police noted that three drivers who flagrantly drove through the stop sign were charged under the Highways Traffic Act for failing to stop.