Two reports released today by Elections Manitoba contain results of surveys conducted following the 42nd provincial general election, held September 10, 2019.

The public opinion research gives a snapshot of Manitobans’ knowledge and attitudes about voting, their satisfaction with the voting experience, reasons for voting and not voting, and the effectiveness of Elections Manitoba’s communications.

“Listening to voters helps us improve the election experience for all Manitobans,” said Chief Electoral Officer Shipra Verma. “The survey findings provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of our processes, training and communications and inform our planning for future elections.”

Some highlights of the findings

Manitoba population survey: Sample size: 600

  • The vast majority of voters (93%) surveyed said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their voting experience. Over 8 in 10 (81%) said they had no problems voting and provided no suggestions for improvement.
  • Most of those surveyed remember receiving a voter information card, including 93% of voters and 80% of non-voters. Among those who received the card, 95% of voters and 97% of non-voters said their name and address were correct, and 98% said the card provided all the information they needed to vote.
  • More than half of non-voters (51%) and 28% of voters did not know that, if their name was not on the voters list, they could still vote.

Voter/Non-Voter survey: Sample size: 800 (464 voters/336 non-voters)

  • Reasons for not voting fall into three broad categories: distracted (37%), disassociated (48%) and displaced (12%). Distractions included not having time, being away or sick, or forgetting to vote. Disassociated non-voters distrusted or disliked the candidates, didn’t know who to vote for, or weren’t interested. Displaced non-voters said they were not on the voters list, didn’t have identification or didn’t have time.
  • Approximately 95% of voters and 66% of non-voters believe that it is important to vote. This reinforces past findings that most non-voters think that, while voting is important, it is less important that they personally vote.
  • The majority of voters (84%) strongly support Elections Manitoba’s efforts to encourage Manitobans to vote by stating why their vote matters and what the consequences are if people do not vote. Among non-voters, 83% at least somewhat support these efforts.

Prairie Research Associates conducted the surveys on behalf of Elections Manitoba.

Similar surveys have been conducted following each election since 1999. The complete reports for the 2019 surveys, as well as those for the two previous elections, can be found on the Elections Manitoba website at