The province will be amending the Speed Limits and Restricted Speed Area Regulation under the Highway Traffic Act to lower speed limits on designated provincial roads.

“The core value of our government is the safety of Manitobans and speeds that motorists travel greatly influence the severity of collisions and injuries or fatalities due to collisions,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler. “The proposed speed reductions will improve the level of safety on Manitoba’s roadways.”

The province began a 45-day consultation on the proposed amendments in August. The outcome of the consultation indicated strong support for speed limit reductions in the town of Niverville, Rural Municipality (RM) of Headingley and the RM of Springfield. The proposed amendments will reduce speed limits on the following provincial roads:

  • PR 206 in the RM of Springfield – reduce the speed limit to 70 km/h from 90 km/h for 300 metres north and 300 metres south at its intersection with PR 213 (Garven Road);
  • PR 241 and PR 334 in the RM of Headingley – reduce the speed limit to 70 km/h from 80 km/h on an approximate total of 5.7 kilometres of road between PTH 100 and Taylor Bridge; and
  • PR 311 in the town of Niverville – extend the western limit of the existing 70 km/h speed limit at the west end of the town of Niverville, west to a point 200 metres west of the centre line of Krahn Road and extend the eastern limit of the existing 70 km/h speed limit at the east end of the town of Niverville, east to a point 50 metres east of the east limit of Sixth Avenue.

“Manitoba Infrastructure is committed to continually improving and introducing new safety measures to make Manitoba’s roads safe. We want to ensure that people and goods are moving safely and efficiently across the province,” said Schuler.