Researchers at the University of Manitoba have announced that they are conducting a brief online survey of family/friend caregiving in Manitoba during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Led by professors Laura Funk (Sociology) and Jamie Penner (Nursing), the survey asks about the impact of COVID-19, including pandemic-related changes in health and social care systems, on family and friend caregivers.

The survey is designed for any Manitoban who takes on an unpaid caring role providing emotional, physical or practical support in response to a family member, neighbour or friend’s chronic condition, disability, drug or alcohol dependency, mental illness or cognitive impairment, terminal or serious physical illness, or age-related needs. This might be a new role to you during the pandemic or something you’ve been doing for quite some time.

Researchers hope the findings will be used to help guide decision-making about how best to support caregivers during the pandemic.

Interested participants are asked to view the survey here

It is anticipated that the survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Information to help decide whether to voluntarily consent will be available at the beginning of the survey.