As part of Budget 2021, the Manitoba government is providing $769,000 to support rural public libraries and library services across the province.

“Manitoba libraries are important community hubs and this new investment recognizes their work in encouraging lifelong literacy, providing reading and educational opportunities and supporting the arts,” said Sport, Culture and Heritage Minister Cathy Cox. “This announcement reaffirms our commitment to improve services, resources and access for all members of the community. This new financial support will help ensure residents from all walks of life have access to information, services and the Internet, allowing them to broaden their knowledge and expand their horizons through reading, research and community activities.”

New investments as part of Budget 2021 include:

  • a new $600,000 investment to be distributed to rural public libraries across the province, based on a per capita funding formula;$100,000 towards sector development to support the long-term stability and sustainability of the sector; and
  • $69,000 to ensure all Manitoba library systems have access to resources and services through the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA), a non-profit that offers library content for people with print disabilities.

The minister noted there are an estimated 125,000 people with print disabilities living in Manitoba.

“Offering centralized support for CELA means there will be a consistent standard of accessible services in all library systems in Manitoba,” said Cox. “This initiative also supports our mandate to sustain our network of libraries as centres of learning and community hubs, now and well into the future.”

The Manitoba government invests more than $7 million annually in the library system. To learn more, visit