Posted on 09/27/2011, 8:39 am, by mySteinbach

Lee Fehler the Liberal candidate prepares for the final week of campaign. He says he has been pleasantly surprised by his reception thus far and hopes the positive nature of the campaign can build up to the October 4th election.

Despite a mostly positive campaign Fehler says he has been disappointed by some events. The most notable being the lack of the NDP presence in the Steinbach area and the NDP candidate’s refusal to attend events even such as the debate. He comments that “it is somewhat ironic that a party calling itself the New Democratic Party seems so intent on diminishing the effects of democracy. The refusal to participate in the campaign is a slap in the face to democracy and to the residents of our riding.”

Fehler also notes that the lack of participation by the NDP is not that surprising given the utter disregard in government attention to this area over the last few election cycles.

On the more positive side of things Fehler notes the race between himself and PC candidate Kelvin Goertzen has been a clean race. He says that he has enjoyed listening to what residents are saying, regardless of their political inclination. That being said Fehler says that there has been a swing his way of former PC and NDP voters and he hopes to pull few more votes his way come the first Tuesday of October. Fehler says “the campaign here in Steinbach has come down to two local candidates. Myself and Kelvin Goertzen. On election day voters will have two options in the incumbent and a strong alternative in myself.”

Fehler adds that with a campaign based around strong fiscal responsibility while maintaining quality social services like healthcare and education, both himself and the Liberals represent the best of both worlds. He also adds that while polling data presents one story that voters should not be discouraged. “It is important that as many people go out to vote as possible, so that regardless of if we win this election or not we will be able to build on and carry that momentum forward. I encourage voters not to be discouraged but to go out and vote regardless.” Fehler says.

Fehler also advises voters who have not already done so to visit his website in order to see his whole vision for the riding of Steinbach. The website is available at