Posted on 04/21/2012, 10:23 am, by mySteinbach
Counterfeit Viagra and Levitra

Counterfeit Viagra and Levitra pills seized by RCMP.

RCMP Federal Enforcement Section with the assistance of the Canada Border Services Agency seized approximately 2,400 counterfeit Viagra and Levitra pills last month in a shipment of goods being shipped into Canada from China.

Police say that the pills are estimated to have a retail value of about $47,000.

Canada Border Services Agency officers located pills concealed inside a shipment of electric cooking pots and alerted the RCMP.

Corporal John Montgomery of the RCMP Federal Enforcement Section advises the pills were in blister packs with batch numbers and expiry dates just like authentic pills, and contain varying amounts of the active ingredient, anywhere from zero to three or four times the active ingredient.

“This is the largest seizure of this type of product that we have made to date” advised Corporal Montgomery” and one of the higher quality counterfeit versions we have seen”.

He also indicates that the quality control is non-existent. Often these fakes have fillers such as talcum powder, crushed wall board, other drugs or any other number of non-medicinal ingredients and are often coloured with blue paint.

No arrests have been made to this time, RCMP Continue to investigate.