Posted on 06/28/2012, 1:38 pm, by mySteinbach

Manitoba Family Services and Labour advises that under federal law, employers must observe Monday, July 2 as a general holiday, as Canada Day falls on a Sunday this year. This affects holiday and retail business opening rules.

The regular general holiday rules apply on Monday, July 2 and most retail businesses must be closed on this day. Retail businesses that regularly operate with four or less people, including the owner, can be open on July 2.

On July 2 this year all employees will be entitled to general holiday pay of five per cent of the gross wages earned in the 28 days prior to July 2. In addition, employers must pay employees time-and-a-half for any hours worked on July 2.

Other retail businesses that can open on July 2 include:

• restaurants;
• pharmacies;
• laundromats;
• boat and motor vehicle rental, repair and service shops;
• places with educational, recreational or amusement purposes;
• tourism and recreational facilities including summer resorts; and
• other retailers selling nursery stock, flowers, garden supplies and accessories, fresh fruit and vegetables, and gasoline and related goods for motor vehicles.

Under federal legislation Sunday, July 1 is not considered a holiday and retailers in municipalities with a Sunday shopping bylaw can be open the same as any other Sunday.

More information on wages for a general holiday and also on Sunday shopping restrictions is available at