Posted on 07/25/2012, 9:47 am, by mySteinbach
OU Kosher certified

Bothwell Cheese OU Kosher certified.

Manitoba’s Bothwell Cheese has attained Orthodox Union Certification.

“We are very proud to achieve this certification and delighted about the prospect of introducing our cheese to new customers, who may never have had the opportunity to experience Bothwell Cheese for themselves,” says Bothwell President & CEO Ivan Balenovic.

Bothwell Cheese has been making special-order Kosher cheese since the mid-80s and, with this highly acclaimed certification, the company is now making a select number of their Orthodox Union Certified products widely available for the first time.

“The OU is thrilled about Bothwell Cheese launching its OU-Kosher product line,” says Orthodox Union Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer. “The incredible planning and work that Bothwell put forward to attain the certification guarantees that it meets the highest Kosher standards.”

“We’ve always had exceptional factory standards, and this certification by a highly-respected third party, provides further verification,” says Balenovic. “Many of our loyal customers have been requesting Kosher cheese, and we’re delighted to make it available.”

To attain this designation, Kosher inspectors spend time on-site and rigorously monitor all aspects of production – process, ingredients, equipment, and facilities. Bothwell has employed a full-time Mashgiach (Kosher guide/supervisor) to participate in the cheese-making process.

Bothwell Cheese, located in southeast Manitoba, is known for producing premium-quality cheese made with all-natural ingredients, pure milk, and no modified milk ingredients. The company produces and distributes more than 25 varieties of cheeses throughout Canada.